This is a show case of furniture and object design by So Takahashi.
Go to www.headsinc.com to see his other design work.

So Takahashi design was set up as Heads Inc by So Takahashi in New York in 1998. On an independent basis, after he had worked for several years in an established design studio. The main field of work has been print design, fine arts and the cosmetics industry, but the studio maintained a multidisciplinary practice, including releasing 3 music albums of electronic music and holding live performances in USA, Europe and Japan. Spatial design has included many sculptural window displays for Shiseido in New York, and making a house exterior / interior for Snohetta’s Løvetann project – the latter being commissioned work, included in the 100% Norway exhibit London in 2006. In 2008 So launched his origami chair in London Designersblock at 100% Norway.

The basis for Heads Inc/SoTakahashi design studio has been to combine commercial work with an on going exploration of design that floats between the different dimensions; 2D, 3D, audio. Whether it is a book cover, a chair, an album or a performance, it is all part of the same exploration and creative process of designing an output – an expression.



I have been living in 3 different cities and still travelling between the 3 cities. My design is similar to my life, borderless, adoptable, and flexible. I work within the field of design. Depending on the idea I use different medium as the out put.

Dreaming of becoming a sculptor brought me from Yokohama, Japan to School of visual arts in New York City. After taking the first year of fundamental courses in SVA So developed a strong interest in graphic design, which he studied for the next 3 years and gained a BFA in. After 10 years running his own studio in Manhattan, working in various field of design, he moved to Oslo with his family. The new life in Oslo inspired him to work on 3 dimensional objects again…(brought him back in the full circle.) Origami chair is the first from many sketches that came to be realized. He lives & work in New York with his family.